Slow cooker – 1, Kelsey – 0

Today I ruined my slow cooker spaghetti sauce. The directions were:

Step 1. Open cans,
Step 2. Dump tomato-like stuff in,
Step 3. cook.

And I still failed.



4 thoughts on “Slow cooker – 1, Kelsey – 0

  1. I absolutely love my slow cooker but some meals definitely turn out better than others…I have a bunch of easy crockpot dinners that have always worked for me :) keep trying and I’m sure soon enough you will love ur slowcooker too!

    • Congrats on your near mastery! I wish I could get even a few meals to work! I hope through trial an error I’ll get there one day. Until then my mother suggested I start actually using the stove.

      Thanks for your sweet comment! I’ll keep everyone posted on my mishaps via the blog. Have a great night!

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